Thursday, 2nd February 2023

Courier Service Division in Tanzania turns 6 years


SGA Courier officially started on 2nd February 2017 under the Cash In Transit (T) Ltd, at that time led by the General Manager Madam Janice Inoti. The company trusted and entrusted me (Stella Chiwango) with the establishment of this section


We started with a Car (Noah), a motorbike and two personnel 1.) Ipyana Wilson as a clerk 2.) Hamisi Bakari as a rider.


As soon as I took over Courier Section, I started by teaching my colleagues the main pillars of the work that we are going to perform i.e Honest, time management and dedication in order to achieve the main goal of making profit and becoming the number one courier Company in Tanzania.


As we strived to convince various offices that we are capable, we started breaking through the market by serving Banks and our first Bank was CBA Bank now called NCBA Bank to date we are serving more Banks like Standard Chartered Bank, Amana Bank, I &M Bank , Stanbic Bank ,Equity Bank and NBC Bank.


During the Corona Epidemic the disease did not affect our operations so much, we continued with our spirit of working hard while many office workers were forced to work indoor to avoid contracting the disease this was an opportunity for us to serve people when indoor while focusing on every steps to protect ourselves from being contaminated with the disease.


Throughout this period, we have continued advertising our company and nowadays we have built trust and we are now serving about 70 customers and several customers are waiting to finalize their existing contracts with other courier companies to join us. I normally do visit our customers after some time trying to get their feedback and opinion on our services. We currently have 25 employees who are fully doing courier jobs in Dar es salaam and other regions with main offices and for other regions we still get support from C.I.T and guard staff, I contact them and sometimes visit them regularly to evaluate performance and identify the difficulties they face as each region has its own challenges depending on its nature.


SGA Courier fights for good and loyal customer base, so our aim is to make our customers happy by maintaining regularity of service along with consistence. Our main objective is customer satisfaction, reliability, speed of service ,coverage area and value for money.


We are totally committed to providing the most cost effective and reliable services to as per RFP specification.