Christmas Decoration Safety Tips

December, 2017

Holidays invite all sorts of fun activities, from lighting candles, putting up Christmas trees to stringing lights. All this fun comes with associated risks like common holiday trip-ups, fire hazards, and other safety snafus. Below are tips to keep your house and family safe from fire and injury.

Lights & Electrical Safety

  • If decorating outdoors, use products that are rated for outdoor use.
  • Always inspect lights for any damage incurred during storage before placing them.
  • Minimise the number of strings of lights connected together.
  • Confirm that you unplug lights before you change bulbs.
  • Do NOT overload extension cords or sockets.
  • Do a routine check on your lights every now and then to make sure that hot/warm wires do not touch.
  • Always turn off your decoration lights before going to bed or leaving the house.


Christmas Tree Safety

  • If you are using a real tree, make sure it is not too dry. Dry trees are prone to catch fire.
  • If you have an artificial tree, ensure that it is flame resistant.
  • Christmas trees should be no closer than 3 feet from any heat source like candles, fireplaces and heat vents.
  • Always have a friend to support your ladder when climbing to to hang holiday decorations.


Security Matters

For security related inquiries, contact SGA intelligence unit