Personal safety and security measures during the COVID- 19 pandemic


The current unprecedented times have given rise to criminal activities, creating an unsettled environment for many at homes and in public spaces. Pedestrians, shoppers, joggers and motorists are having hard times while homes and business owners suffer losses from theft of valuables arising from snatching and frequent break-ins.

According to Kenya National Bureau of Statistics’ (KNBS) Economic Survey April 2020 crime report, there was already an increase of reported crime in the past one year.  Under the 'Governance, Peace and Security' overview, KNBS indicate that the total number of crimes reported to police increased by 5.8 per cent. With the decrease in employment opportunities and drop in earnings for many, COVID pandemic has made a bad situation worse when it comes to crime.

The situation in Uganda and Tanzania mirror that of Kenya.

Tanzania 2020 Crime & Safety Report according to Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC) mentions the rampant incidents of crimes of opportunity, targeting people carrying bags, backpacks, computer cases, cameras, purses, or items left in plain sight inside a vehicle. “Assailants tend to operate in small groups, where only one person may overtly take part in a mugging. If the victim resists, additional members may appear with a knife, a machete or, on occasion, a firearm.”

How do we take extra caution to ensure safety for our loved ones?

  • Always watch out for any suspicious activities from unknown people who idle around your home. Hiring security guards to keep watch day and night is          paramount.
  • Train your children and domestic staff to always ensure that the gate and all doors remain closed and not to open for strangers. Some imposters may visit houses in false pretence as plumbers or persons alleged sent to carry out coronavirus mass testing.
  • When leaving home, do not wear expensive jewellery, watches and handbags and avoid over-using your mobile phones that are easily snatched. 
  • Use the mainly used routes. Secluded short cuts are dangerous regardless of time of day.
  • Motorists should avoid offering rides to strangers as they may turn to be carjackers or kidnappers.
  • Notify your kin on your whereabouts, whether walking, using public or taxi transport.
  • Maximize on the use of digital banking and mobile money instead of carrying huge chunks of money. Remember to always keep your credit and debit cards safely while on the move.
  • Always have an emergency phone number and keep checking on your family members often.


While we take personal safety measures, this is also an opportune time to invest in hiring security guards, installing security systems such as CCTV cameras, burglar alarms, or motion sensor lights aimed at enhancing security for your home and property. Contact a respected security solutions provider for guidance on the most preferred service depending on your needs.

Where there is a will, there is a way. SGA cares!