ddddHow safe is your perimeter wall from intruders?

March, 2020


From concrete walls, barbed wire or electric fences, natural vegetation, flowers or trees, every home, business premise, learning or religious institutions and the larger public property have a boundary that signifies an outward structure usually completed by an entry gate.

In some instances, the perimeter protection fences or walls are accompanied by signage “Danger –electric fence”, “No through way”, “Trespassers will be prosecuted” or “Mbwa kali!” (Be warned of fierce dogs). While some may argue that some signage may be expressively placed to scare away intruders, it is also important to be aware of them as they may be actually dangerous electric fences that maybe specifically erected for animal control but are harmful to humans. Other property may also be manned by security personnel to shun away illegal invaders.

There are several factors to consider in securing a building or property using different boundary walls. Depending on one’s choice to construct the type of boundary wall, the key objective is to create a sense of privacy which forms the basis of a great obstacle to illegal entry.

  • Build strong walls and fences with anti-climb spikes to withstand any form of intrusion or damage.
  • To enhance visibility for security on the walls and fence, install monitored surveillance systems such as cameras, alarms for emergency alerts and recording evidence, and motion sensor lights effective in focusing attention.
  • Consider gate security by having electronic locks. The gate should remain locked at all times to prevent unauthorized entrants. 
  • Protect your land beacons on the demarcated boundary from land grabbers and unscrupulous intruders.


Whereas any type of boundary wall gives the owner peace of mind and feeling of protection, it should be regularly maintained to prevent vandalism, sabotage or malicious targeted attacks that range from animals feeding on the vegetation boundary or burglars breaking in through the barbed-wire fence. Reach out to a reputable security company like SGA to understand the type of perimeter wall tailored to your needs.  

Perimeter security is paramount in enabling one to effectively proceed with their respective endeavors without having fear of the unknown.