• The Tanzania Police Force has lauded SGA Security, for upholding high standards in recruitment and training of its security officers.

The Kawe Police OCS, SP Suphian Kasanga, expressed his admiration during a pass-out parade of 50 security officers who successfully completed one-month training at SGA training academy in Mbezi Beach, Dar es Salaam.

  • He noted that it was a pleasant surprise that amongst the graduates there were 11 holding university degrees and another thirteen holding diplomas and certificates, with the rest holding advance level and ordinary level secondary education.

He also commended the SGA policy of recruiting officers from disciplined forces.

  • “SGA is among a few companies that take time to check background of the recruits and refers to the Police Fingerprints Bureau, before recruiting”, he said.

He called upon security companies to emulate this, as it rids the private security sector of criminals as people of integrity take security roles.


SP Kasanga also noted that SGA is gender considerate, as a good number of the graduates were female, and most of them did well, outshining their male counterparts and took several awards.

“This demonstrates that there is a career for women in private security”, he added.

  • While commending on the quality of training as demonstrated by the graduates, he pointed out that officers who will be tasked to use firearms need to be extra cautious, as criminal elements target armed guards to take weapons and might kill them, pointing out the recent single-armed attacker in Dar es Salaam.

He advised the officers to remain vigilant and avoid temptations like food, alcohol since criminal laze them with drugs, then rob. He warned them against behaviours like lending out uniforms of firearms to criminals, misusing phones while on duty and giving criminals information to attack.

  • The SGA Tanzania Managing Director, Eric Sambu, explained that the company is focused on employees and spend considerable resources to build capacity for them and motivate them to carry its brand well.


  • SGA recently celebrated its 37th anniversary in Tanzania and has witnessed tremendous growth, to all sectors and regions.

“Our secret is in the revolution of their internal processes, and forging partnership with stakeholders like police to empower our team to perform well in all sectors and surpass customers’ expectations,” Mr Sambu said.


  • He explained that the key to their success are the employees who he termed as loyalty, honest and diligent in performance of their duties and to achieve that, a lot of effort goes into selection, recruitment, training and motivation.

 “We are continuously reengineering our processes, investing in technology and our people, now about 6,000, to ensure that we get it right always”, Mr Sambu added.


  • SGA Security has enjoyed several accolades, including the recent top award in mining security technology at Geita International Mining Expo. The SGA Tanzania Managing Director, Eric Sambu, was also vetted by the Top100 Executives in Tanzania, as CEO of the Year category awarded recently.


  • SGA was also voted as the Most Equipped and Reliable Security Services Provider at the Consumer Choice Awards, 2020, and voting for 2021 is ongoing for the same category.