It was another rewarding day well spent with yet another good cause.

As part of our CSR activities, SGA visited The Remnant Generation, in Busega, Kitaka Zone, home to rescued teenage mothers and the disadvantaged in society.

The Remnant Generation is an NGO that focuses on the improvement of the lives of disadvantages people. As part of their contribution to Gender Equality and Girl Child Empowerment, The Remnant Generation through its various arms i.e. the Princess Shelter, Mother & Child Care, School of Purpose, Family Reintegration, Community Empowerment and Education Access; is rescuing and providing safe space for abused teenage pregnant girls in vulnerable situations, reaching out to young mothers in communities and rural areas, tailor made vocational, business and life skills training for young mothers, tracing families that can provide a safe and loving environment for young mothers and their babies to be reintegrated, working with schools and communities to conduct sexual risk avoidance and seeking sponsorship for academically vibrant young mothers to re-join school and achieve a desired level of education.