Part of SGA Security female employees celebrating Valentine’s Day on Monday. Centre is the SGA Tanzania Managing Director, Eric Sambu and Motivational Speaker George Obado


Dar es Salaam. Women in the corporate world have been tipped on the importance to grow their potential in the corporate world.

  • This was during a special event organised by SGA Security as part of the Valentine’s Day Celebrations where female employees of their 6,000 personnel in the country  received special coaching on leadership and emotional intelligence.
  • The event was facilitated by renowned speakers George Obado, an expert in leadership, and Ruth Serem, an expert in women empowerment who took the women through stages and attributes of what experts termed as a ‘phenomenal woman’.
  • The team of representatives from various sections in SGA was tipped on emotional intelligence, being a topical subject for leaders in today’s corporate world.
  • Speaking during the event, SGA Tanzania Managing Director, Mr Eric Sambu, reiterated that women play a critical role in strategic decision-making. He pointed out that women have a natural gift in risk management and often consider all factors that can affect an objective and hence most of the time they get it right.

He urged the women to believe in themselves and take advantage of their natural gifts to elevate themselves to positions of influence in the corporate world. He advised them against viewing their counterparts are adversaries but instead focus on tapping the synergies and work together.

  • Mr George Obado reiterated the need for women to be self-aware, regulate and motivate themselves and manage relations well, with social responsibility.
  • He advised them to have personal values and emotional maturity and to do this, they need to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Ruth Serem also brought in tips on how to be phenomenal, borrowing a leaf from Maya Angelou that they are made special, and indeed phenomenal.
  • SGA Security Human Resources Manager, Mr Ebenezer Kaale, stated that the firm encourages women in their ranks to continue prospering, saying it is the secret of their success.
  •  “Even though security industry does not attract many women, SGA has created equal environment and have many women in key ranks and experience has shown that they are phenomenal”, he said.
  • “Women are extra careful with compliance to policies and regulations and are often honest, which are the key attributes in our industry”, he added.