Best practices to achieve security at the workplace

January, 2020


Security plays a major role in preventing loss of property and injuries as well as curbing cases of burglary, fraud or fire outbreak. If a business already has security measures in place, it is important to perform a risk assessment for all systems and gadgets to ensure that they are still in good working condition or require an upgrade. Whether installing new or upgrading security solutions, one can make the process easier by contracting a security company to provide a comprehensive audit and analysis checklist customized based on your unique needs.

With the advancement of technology, different security systems can help employers provide better safety and security for their workforce.

Access Control Systems

Security guards are able to handle their responsibilities effectively such as controlling visitor access, staying vigilant, maintaining order, as well as responding quickly to any alarms. As much as it is important to have visitor registration logs and easily identifiable visitor badges; the addition of access control systems is important as it further prevents non-employees from accessing restricted areas within the premise without authorisation. Restricted areas will only be accessed through access control cards, fingerprints, facial recognition or a pin.

Video Surveillance

Access control can also be combined with video analytics linked to surveillance systems to increase safety. The use of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) helps deter criminal activity providing a sense of security and reassurance especially where the crime rate is high. This form of security is one of the most cost-effective installations with easy maintenance.

Alarm Systems

Unexpected emergencies may occur at any time at the workplace. It is therefore important to ensure installation of various alarms such as burglar, smoke detectors, glass break detectors, door and window and motion sensors. As soon as these alarms are triggered, security personnel and/or authorities are can respond quickly to arrest the situation and averting further damage.

Perimeter Walls

Well maintained perimeter walls also enhance security and privacy by creating a greater obstacle to illegal entry. Some examples of perimeter walls are chain linked fences, barbed fencing, electric fence, beam fence and vibration sensor fences.  Consider this addition at your premise to further safeguard your staff and property.

Business owners are also encouraged to promote the use of safety gear, conduct frequent health and safety trainings, fire drills and equipment and systems training.

It is advisable to work with a respected security solutions provider like SGA Security who will assist in discerning areas of insecurity exposure by conducting an assessment at your premise and draft a detailed security strategy plan to ensure the safety of your business and employees.