Innovative solutions enabling young people reach their goals

February, 2020


“In the changing world of technology, a majority of people are able to meet their daily objectives due to the way technology has changed the way business is done and life in general. Through wireless connectivity on smart phones, one is sure of safety of their children, homestead or workplaces,” said Julius Delahaije, SGA Security Chief Executive and Chairman.

Speaking during a one on one interview on Y254 Television’s Entrepreneurship Tuesday program with Presenter Barry Moses, Delahaije focused on the diverse tech solutions that young people could take advantage of, in a bid to improve safety for themselves and those close to them.

CCTV camera installation for instance, is an affordable way where one is able to monitor whatever is happening back home or in a business premises from the comfort of an internet-enabled mobile phone or a computer.

Delahaije demystified the perception that security industry is only managed by guards; but rather the advancement in technology has rendered security without connectivity almost impossible. Incorporating technical services has enhanced security to be more preventive rather than reactive.

Besides guarding, there are diverse services that have integrated technology to achieve satisfactory services for clients, as offered by SGA Security, namely alarm response, tracking, VIP and event protection, cash-in transit management, logistics, Health Safety and Environment among others.

“Young people are budding innovators in various sectors. It is important for them to use this technical knowledge and apply it towards safety measures not only in their homes but also at the community at large,” Delahaije advised.

He added that the tech savvy generation can be part of information sharing from their smart phones during a potential security crisis and also data protection. This could play a major role in protecting and saving lives of those around them. Taking advantage of security installations to prevent predators such as access control, face recognition and alarms during emergency is key.

On his entrepreneurship journey, the CEO also shared career milestones for over 30 years in the ICT sector, supported by his background in Business Economics and Taxation Law from Tilburg University, Netherlands. Delahaije rose to become a chief executive officer with renowned companies namely Philips International, Linxtelecom and AT&T Capital Corporation in the United States, Europe, South Africa and Far East respectively, before his appointment in Kenya to head SGA Security.

His advice to young people?

  • Know your worth
  • Be realistic and open-minded
  • Find the right balance of what you are passionate about and design tactics to perfect what your skills and expertise
  • Be eager to know your weak and strength spots and learn how to bridge the gaps  
  • Be innovative and creative thinkers!



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