• SGA Security has been selected as the best company in providing security services in Tanzania and throughout the East African region.  


  • The announcement was made in Dar es Salaam, on Sunday, during the awards ceremony known as the 'Tanzania Consumer Awards 2021' which coincided with a dinner hosted by Lavine International Agency.


  • This was the third such award ceremony whose launch took place in 2019 where SGA Security also won the award for the most reliable equipment provider at an event held in 2020.  


  • SGA Security CEO Eric Sambu expressed his happiness and satisfaction at winning the two awards which he said was a clear sign that SGA customers had confidence in the company. and honesty.  


  • "We have worked hard to provide our services beyond the expectations of our customers and we are very pleased to receive awards that recognize our efforts especially considering these awards are based on public opinion," he said. 


  • He said SGA's success was a continuation of other achievements attested to by four ISO certificates - ISO 9001, 18788, 14001 and 45001 - all of which affirm the quality, SGA's focus on customer service, accountability, respect for human rights and the environment. of its staff in customer service.


  • “These two awards we award to our more than 6,000 employees located in various parts of Tanzania and more than 19,000 in East Africa for their dedicated service to customers which has built them and the company a reputation in the community; "These are our heroes and we will continue to build their capacity so that they can do better," he said.


  • Lavine International Agency co-founder Diana Laizer said the awards ceremony was aimed at recognizing the efforts made by service providers and that the awards were an incentive for service providers to continue to increase their efforts.


  • "Online voting took place across Africa comprising 62 groups in all sectors of the African economy. These awards demonstrate customer loyalty to service providers who later focus on providing quality services," he said.

SGA Sales and Marketing Manager, Faustia Shoo said that apart from the awards showing the trust customers have in SGA, they have also made it clear that market demand is a quality service.

  • "We do not regard the winning of these awards as a normal and passive one but we regard them as a message from the public that wants us to increase efficiency in delivering our services throughout the East African region," he said.

SGA Security was the first private security company in Tanzania when it started offering its services in 1984 then known as Group Four Security.

  • The SGA provides a range of services including protection of individuals and property, electronic protection, emergency response services, security monitoring, as well as the transportation of parcels and cash. 


  • "We have more than forty permanent locations where we offer our services involving more than 10,000 customers in all aspects of the economy from individuals to large corporations throughout the East African region," he said.

SGA Tanzania CEO Eric Sambu, presenting one of the awards SGA Security won after being named the best company in providing security services in Tanzania and throughout the East African region during an event known as 'Tanzania Consumer Awards 2021' in Dar es Salaam .

SGA Tanzania CEO Eric Sambu (center) with employees of the company presenting the two awards that the company won.

SGA Tanzania CEO Eric Sambu and SGA Tanzania Chief of Defense Services, Joakim Sabana presenting the awards that the company won.