Securing assets in the Digital Space

January, 2019


In today’s digital era, the traditional way of security guards manning various entry and exit points and manually safeguarding clients’ assets has revolutionized the security sector through various innovative security solutions.

To embrace this evolving technology, SGA launched the guard monitoring system and upgraded its cash management solutions in a bid to technically improve Guarding and Cash-In-Transit services respectively. This has enabled the company to enhance its ethical and transparency practice of our mandate to our clients.

The guard monitoring system is a complete real-time observation tool by supervisors to monitor guards on patrol at a client’s residential or commercial premise. The guard monitoring system guarantees transparent guarding services. It allows the supervisors to monitor service levels for any number of guards on patrol thus providing an exceptional, proactive service to clients. On the other hand, the real-time solution ensures that the security guards are safe during their patrol. The users are able to see online, in real time, how the manning of clients’ premises is progressing. In an instance where a guard fails to visit a particular checkpoint by a given time, the information is available to the users in real time and an alert is raised to improve the safety of the clients or their assets being safeguarded.

While the monitoring system focuses on guards’ work management, the security officers use the application to record information from patrols and also report various incidents online through texts and pictures thereby the control room is able to know when to dispatch additional help through the response teams.

“We have made it our obligation to remove the risk of human error through the adoption of advanced technology to secure clients’ lives and assets to enable them to focus on other endeavours from our guaranteed security solutions,” says Michael Owino, SGA General Manager Commercial.

“We are able to check and record in real-time when a guard is executing his or her duties at any particular location. The monitoring software also alerts us in the instance our guards are in danger and require back-up to avert burglaries or fire incidents. In such circumstances, we immediately dispatch more guards to the premise and armed escort officers to assist in arresting the burglars. For fire alerts, fire engines are also sent to the scene,” he adds.

On the other hand, SGA’s upgraded cash management systems have improved transparency and peace of mind to clients. Initially, SGA’s Cash-In-Transit (CIT) team would pick clients’ huge sum of cash and transport it in CIT vehicles to physically deposit the cash in the client’s bank account. While CIT vehicles are armoured, a client would not have a peace of mind or focus on their core business and worried about the safety of their valuable assets.

However, with the current digitally improved cash deposit machines, SGA continues to outsource cash management services to businesses such as financial institutions, retail businesses, among other businesses seeking comprehensive support services in safeguarding their cash and valuables in either transportation or storage.

Bank Marshalls from SGA are contracted as experts in Automated Teller Machines (ATM) first line maintenance services, cash management strategy and reconciliation services. The Bank Marshalls supply deposit machines to clients who remit their cash through these machines that automatically reflects in their respective bank accounts. This deposit system manages the cash processes for clients from the comfort of their businesses without necessarily directly collecting the cash and transporting to the designated bank for deposits. The clients are assured of the safety of their cash even before it is physically transported to the bank. CIT vehicles are armoured and monitored from the control room to enhance secured protection with fully vetted personnel on board.

Other technical services offered by SGA include the erection of automated anti-terror and security bollards and automated car park barrier systems significant in preventing unauthorised access of terrorist vehicles. The bollards and car barriers play an integral role in averting attacks with explosives in residences such as Embassies and Consulates especially in the era of insecurity.

Other intrusion detection mechanisms are multi-biometric authentication with access control systems such as time attendance clocking systems mostly installed in workplaces to track employees’ presence and improve productivity at the workplace. The varied access control systems install fingerprints, smart cards and password depending on the client’s needs for identification.

SGA has a wide range of surveillance products and solutions such as CCTV cameras, wireless security cameras, network video recorders and smart locks installed in homes, learning, financial and religious institutions and other private and public organizations.

The back-up from SGA’s dog section which comprises of well-trained patrol dogs and handlers useful in public or private events, crowd control, narcotics and explosives screening goes a long way in supplementing the security services.

“Technology advancements in security have enabled us to master the ultimate promise to our esteemed clients of their secured and safeguarded assets by the push of a button,” Michael concludes.