SGA Security partners with Axxonsoft to provide the latest intelligent security management solutions to the east africa market

April, 2018

SGA Security has signed a partnership with AxxonSoft for the provision of intelligent security management solutions with cutting-edge technology that will revolutionalise security management in the region.

Through the partnership, SGA will be able to offer the market state of the art intelligent video management software that maximises safety through innovative technology.

SGA will also be the exclusive distribution partner of AxxonSoft solutions in Uganda and Tanzania and the prime distributor in Kenya.

Based in Moscow, Russia, AxxonSoft is a global leader of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems. The company has a presence in 50 countries across the world supported by an international support call center that supports all markets.

“SGA Security is proud to be a trendsetter through technological innovations within the East African Region. Our commitment and dedication to supporting sustainable safety and security for our customers and the community will be made possible through the use of intelligent systems,” said SGA’s CEO & Chairman Julius Delahaije. “Our partnership with AxxonSoft, an experienced global partner, will be able to provide our customers with cutting-edge technology for event management, traffic monitoring, store management, automate monitoring of self-service cash machines and access control that maximises safety for any critical infrastructure,” he added.

The intelligent video management software that will now be available in the market following the partnership includes Axxon Next which helps provide a near instant forensic search of recorded video using criteria such as colour or size, face recognition capability that allows one to upload a picture of a person of interest and the system will be able to investigate and filter recorded video by similarity. It also has the ability to capture license plates and access automated number plate recognition of both full and partial number plates and an interactive 3D map with a visual overview of all installed cameras on a site map.

The Axxon Intellect is a platform that allows for integrated CCTV with access control, perimeter protection, fire and security alarms, facial recognition and traffic monitoring through a custom built security system. This solution allows for external storage support with notification services via SMS, E-mail or voice.

Others include the Retail Intellect, Auto Intellect, Face intellect and the ATM Intellect, which automates monitoring of self-service cash machines and remote facilities of banks through the integration of video with the transaction data and track alerts for live set protection. ­­­­­

“AxxonSoft’s key goal is to stay committed to answering our clients’ needs as we continue to consistently provide high-quality products and services on which we have built our reputation on globally. To achieve this, we are always looking at new markets and new partners to grow our business. In East Africa, we have forged a great relationship with SGA Security, a company that brings tremendous value to our operations in the region due to its cutting-edge services and products and its reputation. This partnership will go a long way in advancing innovative and robust security solutions to address security challenges facing the East African region,” said AxxonSoft’s East Africa Regional Manager Joseph Muremba.

The security and video surveillance systems can be accessed via mobile or through the web platform.