Use of technology in boosting security solutions

August, 2019


Leveraging in technology has enabled the enhancement of security solutions in protecting homes and businesses.  SGA CEO and Chairman Jules Delahaije, was hosted on Ebru Television by Reporter Victor Moturi to speak on the transition from the traditional security approaches which have since been improved by innovative security solutions.

In his interview, Jules told the audience that innovation has played a key role in technology to provide security services that has supplemented human efforts across all our regions in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. In the recent past, security was only provided by guards manning premises using rungus but the rise of technology has changed the face of the security industry. This is through various internet-enabled solutions such as face recognition devices to access buildings, guard monitoring tool in real-time, safe locks, fleet tracking, cash-in-transit management, alarm response systems, use of bollards and barriers.

SGA has partnered with various organizations in a bid to boost technology and ensure customer satisfaction in our service delivery. These organizations include;

  • AxxonSoft, a Russian-based company with cutting-edge technology systems enhances intelligent security management solutions.
  • M-Lock, a high security safe lock system with remote management used on safes, armoured vehicles, Cargo trucks for goods in transit, lockers as well as delivery vans.
  • Paladin, for alarm response systems in real time.