SGA courier personnel at work

Choosing the right courier company for your valuables

October, 2019


With daily hectic schedules, individuals and businesses have resolved to seek courier services when delivering goods to their consumers from one location to another or to a client. One does not necessarily have to travel long distances in order to pick or deliver goods all thanks to the onset of courier companies.

SGA Courier offers a wide range of services depending on a client’s specifications, type of goods and preferred mode of transport for delivery such as the dedicated air courier to the client’s destination of choice. If the client’s goods are private and confidential, SGA offers high value manned and bonded warehousing courier services. Other services include contact storage and distribution, messenger and mailroom services as well as supply chain services.

While customers appreciate when their goods are delivered efficiently and conveniently, here are some factors to consider when choosing a courier for your valuables:


Check the market reputation


This makes it easy for one to conduct a research from the kind of feedback from customers who have already experienced the services of that particular courier service. This research can be carried out by visiting the courier service provider and conducting a background check or going over website reviews.


Compare different courier services


In the process of searching for a courier service, select a number of them with the highest rating then narrow down to one that will fit within your interests. Some of the areas to compare between the different agencies might include the cost, time taken to deliver goods, reliability and even the customer service.


Security is Key


Before deciding on a courier service, inquire on how secure your parcel will be. No one wishes to lose their goods while on transit. The courier service must showcase high security measures that prove your goods reach the destination secure and in good condition.




The cost of sending goods using a courier service should be reasonable enough. Pick an agency with friendly rates which are equivalent to the value.


Size and weight limitations


Some courier services have limits on the size and weight of goods to be delivered. This is why it is important to carry out a market research on different agencies depending on the kind of services that you want and the kind of goods to be delivered.




Sometimes the unexpected happen, such as accidents, theft and damaged goods hence a courier service should insure each and every goods to be delivered.