Factors to consider when choosing the best security solutions company in Kenya 

Factors to consider when choosing the best security solutions company in Kenya 

One of the most fundamental and basic needs in the hierarchy of human needs is safety and security. We are constantly looking for ways to guarantee the safety and security of both our property and ourselves. Security providers have emerged over time, introducing various strategies and services to ensure that the needs of their clients are met. SGA Security is a leading private security firm at the forefront of offering top-notch, expert security services. We pride in offering world-class services combined with technology to give clients peace of mind as we protect them and their property as well as offering. We also pride in being the best security solutions company in Kenya. Our commitment to social responsibility, innovation, and our people are the foundations of our security solutions. 

If you are looking for a quality security company for your security needs, below are a few reasons why SGA Security is your best option.

Technology-driven security solutions 


The best security solutions company in Kenya 

Technology has transformed the security industry for the better. SGA Security has been in the lead in providing technology-driven security solutions which have ensured timely response and reliable security. SGA recommends and installs high end electronic security systems to assure safety and security for client’s homes or business premises. The fusion between technology and physical security ensures that when the technical team install and maintain the electronic security equipment such as closed-circuit television (CCTV), access control, tracking and telematics there is a team monitoring at the 24-hour control room for action.

Certification and licensing

SGA Security is a certified, licensed and widely recognized security company with ISO 18788 and ICOCA certifications which are the highest standards for security companies. We are also licensed by the Private Security Regulatory Authority, testifying to our credibility to provision of high-quality security services. 

Provision of wide range of services. For all your security needs, be it home, personal, or commercial needs, SGA Security meets them. SGA Security provides you with manned guarding services that range from having day and night guards for your premises, accompanied canine patrol services, mobile patrols, diplomatic protection, among others. Some of the other services provided by SGA Security for your protection needs include crowd control and management for events, VIP personal protection, alarm response, cash security and management solutions for commercial businesses. SGA Security also provides technical services that are electronically- enabled such as installation of access control systems, for maximum safety and security for your homes or business premises.

Friendly and professional service providers

the best security solutions company in Nairobi | SGA  friendly and professional service providers in Kenya

SGA Security values friendliness and therefore ensures that all their employees treat clients with the right attitude and professionalism. If you are looking for guards who will warmly welcome your customers or visitors while also treating them with utmost professionalism, SGA Security is the company for you. The guards are specifically trained to match client’s exact requirements at the SGA training school where the training curriculums ensure that security officers have the skills and confidence to fully comply with contracted service requirements. 

Experienced employees 

SGA Security has been in the private security industry for over 54 years which have been characterised by lessons and experiences that have made us better every single time. The company has employees who have been in the private security sector for a long time and whose experiences have taught them on better ways to provide security to clients. The employees are well qualified with different skills and certification that have increased their chances of easily noticing suspicious behaviour and using technology to guarantee security. The younger employees at SGA Security who have recently joined the security field have been vetted and seen as great additions to the security space as they come in with fresh ideas to help in providing quality services.

SGA Security serves you with quality, discipline, loyalty, integrity, and enthusiasm. To get to know more about the security solutions provided by SGA Security, visit: http://bitly.ws/HGGY