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Thursday, 2nd February 2023

The Importance of Asset Tracking in Kenya In Asset Protection and Management


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Do you know where your company’s assets are at this very moment? Probably not. One of the biggest risks business owners make is having little to no idea of their assets and the logistics they’re involved in. In turn, this places you at incredible security risk, and even further threat of loss, unaccountability, and mismanagement. Today, most business persons are looking towards professional asset tracking in kenya solutions to protect and manage their assets wherever and in real-time. But first…


What Is Asset Tracking?


Unpacking asset tracking

Asset tracking is the process of trailing and monitoring your physical assets in real-time. Most enterprises track assets, e.g. cars, equipment, tools, and stock to get accurate data on location, usage, efficiency, and more.

How Does Asset Tracking Work?

Different security solution companies use various asset-tracking tools to help you track your assets However, GPS tracking is the most widely used for its accuracy and reliability. 


GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking systems

GPS tracking uses satellite systems to lock in on the location of an asset. To trace an asset using GPS, the tracking device is placed in/on the object you need to be tracked. GPS tracking is assumed to be the most efficient form of asset tracking. SGA Security further adds a 24-hour operational control room for round-the-clock alert loggings, geofencing, remote immobilization, and even route monitoring to ramp up your asset security.

The Benefits of Asset Tracking and Management 


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Asset tracking solutions give you a more efficient and convenient way to monitor and enhance accountability on your products, equipment, tools, and more in any country region. But it’s not just about efficiency…

Theft Prevention and rapid emergency response

No one wants to lose their asset, and not tracking your resources significantly exposes you to theft and permanent loss from it. With asset tracking, organizations can monitor their assets' location and status, therefore preventing theft or loss. Asset tracking and management can also help you identify suspicious activities with prompt alerts that enable timely interventions.

Improving asset utilization

As an enterpriser or manager, you’re always aiming to make the most out of your resources. By providing real-time information on asset location and usage for example through mobile phones, you can use asset tracking data to optimize asset allocation, reduce idle time, and improve asset productivity.

Saving cost


By identifying underused assets, you can avoid purchasing new items and put the existing assets to better use. Additionally, regular maintenance and repairs can prevent costly breakdowns and reduce the need for emergency repairs. Moreover, effective asset utilization can help your company save costs by reducing downtime and extending asset lifespan.

Improving accountability

By monitoring asset usage, you can ensure that employees use assets appropriately and not for personal gain.

Enhancing compliance

Like in many industries, your industry certainly has regulatory obligations, right? Asset tracking can help your organization ensure that assets meet regulatory compliance requirements. This includes tracking assets' usage, maintenance, and disposal to ensure that they satisfy regulatory requirements.

Boosting supply chain management

For organizations that rely on the timely and secure movement of assets, monitoring and managing your supply chain is a top priority. By tracking your assets throughout the supply chain, you can identify potential bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of asset loss and ultimately effective management solutions.

Conclusion - Enhancing Security and Efficiency With Asset Tracking


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Who wouldn’t like the peace of mind of knowing where your assets are and their overall safety? Asset tracking means you can monitor your goods, equipment, and fleet management stress-free. To add, with real-time data from asset tracking, you can be able to point out and react to security matters with speed. Above all, seamless asset management further adds a sense of accountability amongst your staff, subsequently boosting the overall Return On Investment of your operations.


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