Man and dog pose outside a home that they're protecting

March 29, 2022

SGA Security is committed to providing long-lasting safety to the community by offering premier security solutions to our customers with excellence with a keen focus on high integrity, we offer quality services to our customers in East Africa. Our K-9 units at the SGA Dog section are operated by our trained dog handlers to safeguard people and property. The Security dogs are trained in obedience, explosives detection, drug, and contraband detection, protection, and searches, suspect apprehension to ensure minimal instances of robbery and pilferage, criminal vandalism, and any brutal conduct, thereby making them the best security dogs in Kenya and East Africa in general.

Guard dogs have proved to be very effective in security matters due to their expertise. This ensures the clients’ needs requiring guard dogs as additional security for their valuable assets are met with great satisfaction. Whenever you require trained guard dogs for your home, business, and public events such as festivals, sports, and exhibitions, reach out to a security company that will offer guidance on the type of trained dog to deploy. They help to guard and control the masses and maintain order while being gentle during the search. The SGA Security Dog wing offers K9 services that include:

Types of security dogs the SGA Security Dog Wing Offers


Security patrol dogs

  • Security dogs hinder external attacks greatly when guarding homes or institutions. They are well-trained to detect voices, unpleasant noises, and sense unusual body language, with the ability to sense any impending danger faster than human beings. The dog handlers observe the danger alerts from the dog and notify the guarding unit of possible attacks.


Explosives and narcotics detection dogs

  • Sniffer dogs help to detect explosives and drugs. They have a very high and accurate sense of smell. They are trained to sniff distinct areas of selected objects. When a sniffer dog comes across, for example, a box suspected to be with hidden drugs or explosives, the handler will see a change in its breathing, the body language, and then it will begin to scratch the box. This way the security personnel understands there are drugs or explosives therein and take immediate action.


Crowd control dogs

  • At SGA, our guard dogs are one of the strongest deterrents of criminal activities such as an unruly crowd in public events. They are well trained to deal with threats from large gatherings. When deployed at events or gatherings, they detect disturbances and unwanted behaviors and respond accordingly.


Obedience and defensive dog training

  • Security dogs are trained with specific behaviors. The dog trainers ensure that the dogs are interested in them by giving them what they want most, such as treats, healthy foods, or praises. This makes the dogs grow with the habit of obedience whenever they are instructed to do something. This makes such a dog suitable for use where there is a family setup as they are not only harmless to your loved ones but will also be defensive and protect them in the event of danger.


Dogs that Determine crime scenes

  • Dogs are trained to detect different smells. If the dog sniffs at a certain imprinted odor, it keeps the focus of the traces of the scent until it identifies the source of the smell. That way the handlers can detect any criminal activity originating from a crime scene. In a crime scene, a trained search dog can be used to conduct one last sweep for undetected evidence. A dog can be effective depending on training for up to 16 hours of an undisturbed scene of crime.


Search and rescue efforts dogs

  • Similarly, security dogs have a highly accurate sense of smell to assist in the search and rescue of lost persons. They locate people trapped in debris after an earthquake or buried under a collapsed building, Search and rescue training assures that a dog can complete these tasks in all conditions, regardless of weather or distractions.


  • While guard dogs are commonly known for attending to physical dangers, they also show signs of emotions. They often pick up on the stress of a situation and show signs of depression. They also display happiness. In both situations, the handlers will comfort them and also give the dogs a feeling of accomplishment and praise them for a job well done.
  • The dog handlers ensure that the dogs are well taken care of by providing healthy foods and good shelter while regular check-ups are done by their veterinary doctor. They are also taken through regular training for physical fitness.


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