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Securing Your Peace of Mind with a Sophisticated Burglar Alarm Response Security in Kenya 

February, 2020


As one proceeds with their daily schedule, part of their obligation is to leave behind a secured home or workplace. This is a constant reminder that if the premise is left unsecured, there is a likelihood of intrusion. Despite the use of door locks, it is important to install a more reliable way to minimize the risks and enhance security through the installation of quality burglar alarm response security in Kenya.

A burglar alarm system is a set of integrated electronic devices that work together with a central control panel for the main purpose of protecting a premise against burglars and any other potential intruders. It is made up of a network of motion detectors and door and window sensors that have been interconnected together with a control panel.  Depending on the needs of the user, the burglar alarm system varies from a simple alarm system specifically meant for basic protection of someone’s home to a more advanced structure that not only offers protection but also improves the life comforts of users.

The main concept behind burglar alarm systems is the detection of any kind of intrusion through sensor devices that are linked to a control panel, which in turn transmits an alarm signal. Burglar alarm systems contain sensors whose main purpose is to detect any kind of movements, break-ins or intrusion while others have motion detectors that identify change in position within a given area. These sensors are strategically placed on doors, windows and any other entry point that can easily be broken into.

Burglar alarms are either hard-wired or wireless and can be used to safeguard internal or external property.

Hard-wired and Wireless Burglar Alarms in Kenya


Wired/manual alarm system

The hard-wired alarm system is operated manually, and it is usually used for commercial property or in a large home premise. One can choose to have the burglar alarm installed with a siren that alerts the neighbours in the case of an intrusion. Once a trigger is made by an internal sounder, the siren signals danger and drives the intruder out of the premise. With manual alarm systems, panic buttons are installed at various points in the home. The owner is also issued with mobile panic buttons that can be triggered remotely in case of an emergency.

For any response services there must be a transmitter installed to transmit the signal to the central control room to dispatch response team. Using a central control panel, the signal alerts are transmitted and a response team is dispatched to the location.

Wireless alarm system

With the advancing technology, automatic alarms are easy to use in protecting loved ones and employees, as they allow one to remotely control the system while away by monitoring the premise in real-time on an internet enabled gadget such as a mobile phone, tablet or a laptop. The alarms contain sensors that trigger the alarm upon detecting any movement. The owner is able to monitor activations and receive real-time footage of perpetrators as soon as the alarm is activated.  This type of a burglar alarm system can accommodate up to 30 wireless intruder detectors such as the optical smoke, carbon monoxide and pet-tolerant detectors. For home use, the wireless alarm has diverse features such as a family message centre, voice prompts and a two-way audio device designed for family use.

Although burglar alarm security in Kenya have been integrated to work as one, their way of operation varies depending on the type of alarm;

Types of Burglar Alarm Response Security in Kenya 


Motion sensors


These sensors identify any form of movements within a premise and can turn trigger an alarm. They can only work through the sound of an alarm and are mostly used to protect areas with valuable items.  

Door and window sensors

The ectors are designed to identify unauthorized access via windows and doors triggering the alarm. They are made in a way that one part is installed on the door or window while the other is placed on the door frame or window sill.

Break glass detectors

 These are designed to identify the sound of breaking glass thus triggering an alarm through an audio microphone that identifies the sound of a glass that has broken

Shock sensors 

These are designed to trigger an alarm by identifying an impact or vibration caused by a window or door being broken into.

Safe alarms

They are specifically designed for safe deposit boxes. In the case of unauthorized person trying to access the safe, an alarm is triggered. Some alarms are also designed to detect movement of the safe.


Depending on a client’s needs, it is recommended that one must consult a reputable security company that will advise on the type of alarm tailored to meet specific needs, that is of good quality, budget-friendly and one with a physical back-up response from the monitoring team. At the end of the day, the goal is to have a secure home and business that provides a peace of mind.


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