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In the running of a successful business, you will most likely be required to send parcels and packages to your clients. A courier service comes in handy to ensure efficient and safe shipping and delivery of goods from one area to another. Sometimes, the loss or mishandling of packages might lead to strained relationships with your clients and might mean you lose business.   

For example, if you own a gift shop, choosing the right courier service who will deliver packages to customers will affect your customer’s perception of your service delivery which in turn will affect their chances of transacting with you again. Choosing the right courier service is key in ensuring customer satisfaction, return on investments and the growth of your business.

To ensure your business is successful, consider the following when choosing a courier service company:

Reputation of the Company

Did you know that when most people are browsing for a company or business to get services from, they consider reputation and reviews by customers? The reputation of a company in the eyes of the public, reflects the overall business performance. As a business owner seeking a courier service to work with, consider how the public perceives the courier company. Reputation is a testament of the company’s service delivery, therefore, what you should expect when you work with them. Associating your business with reputable companies such as SGA Security for their courier services in Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda will help you advance your business and offer top-notch services.



Do you need your items delivered as soon as possible? Have you contacted a courier service and they promised to deliver by a certain date and time? Choosing a courier service that offers the quickest delivery services and stays on schedule is a bonus for your business. SGA Security’s core purpose is security, which is an urgent matter with tight deadlines, this same promptness is applied to all their other services including the courier services that are available in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.



Customers come from different parts of the country and the world, some of them live far from your shops and yet they want to shop with you. As a business owner that values all customers, working with a courier service that will deliver anywhere in the country or the world, is one of the wisest business decisions you could ever make. SGA Security has its footprint all over Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and you can have your package delivered anywhere in the countries. In addition, the SGA Security land and air courier service enables you to have your package delivered anywhere else in the world.


Security of your package

Are you worried about the safety of your package? Are you wondering whether your courier will safely deliver to the customer? The safety and security of your package is of utmost importance in the running of your business. Ensuring that the customer receives the package they ordered just as it is, greatly contributes to customer satisfaction and retention. Choosing to work with courier services such as SGA courier services in Nairobi or the courier services in Tanzania that deeply values safety and ensures that your package is secure through offering high value manned courier services is exactly what you need. Furthermore, SGA Security courier services in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania provide you with the option of tracking your parcel until it is delivered.

SGA Security offers business owners safe, diverse, and quality courier services that will help guarantee customer satisfaction. To access SGA courier services, visit: