Conducting Security Risk Assessment

As tech experts invent smart solutions to tackle security risks, the bad guys are also stepping up their game, it's like a thrilling back-and-forth matchmaking.


The result? Whether you're running a small or a large business, you can't afford to ignore the importance of security risk assessments.


Think about theft, vandalism, terrorism and even cyber-attacks, it’s evident that if a business fails to conduct risk assessments and act on identified security gaps, the safety of customers, partners, assets and investors would be at risk.


This blog piece will enable you to; identify different security risks, the process of risk assessments, and their importance in spearheading your business forward. 


Let's head straight in, shall we?


What are Security Risk Assessments?

Understanding security risk assessment


Security risk assessments are procedures conducted by professional security personnel or companies in identifying, threats, vulnerable areas, associated risks and possible countermeasures.


This systematic evaluation provides valuable information on the security and identification of priority areas.


This assessment covers the premise access, its assets, the safety of employees, and clients, and intangible assets such as data.

How are Security Risk Assessments Conducted?

Conducting security risk assessment


The below steps are carefully applied for successful risk identification, evaluation and counter measurements.

Identifying the Risks

Identifying a security threat or risk is a time-consuming activity that requires professional expertise.


It involves identifying assets at risk, potential threats to these assets, and system or business weak points that could be exploited by criminals.

Risk Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment

This involves analysing how a threat occurred or might occur. It also involves identifying a vulnerability in your business that could enable the security threat to occur.

Implementing Counter Measures

After the above steps have been successfully conducted, the security company will now look for ways to prevent, reduce transfer or mitigate the existing threats. 


The process could involve modifying existing policies, replacing older technologies with new ones, or securing professional guarding services to deter any threats.

Conducting Regular Security Reviews

Risks will continue to emerge, change or precede, therefore it's advisable to maintain regular security checks to deter emerging threats. This can be done by securing professional guarding services.


Why are Security Risk Assessments Important for Businesses

Importance of security risk assessment


Risk assessments have become a requirement for businesses, and many businesses have reaped the benefits of regularly investing in security and mitigation options such as guarding services.

Below are the top benefits of conducting risk assessments and mitigating the same through guarding services.

Reduces Long-term Costs for Businesses

We all understand the importance of early risk identification in reducing expenses and securing your business from an imminent threat.


By securing a professional risk assessment company, businesses can save on expenses that would have been used in replacing damaged, stolen, or vandalised property.

Identifies & Bridge Security Gaps

Security risk awareness and identification are what help to curb any emerging threats.


Conducting risk assessments will enable a business to identify and act on threats that could jeopardize its business operations.

Mitigates Security Breaches

After identifying potential security risks, businesses are advised to contract the services of a reputable security company. 


The company’s guarding services can mitigate threats such as theft, vandalism, breaches and access controls expertly and professionally.

Increases Employee Security Awareness

Employees are the most targeted when criminals intend to conduct an attack or breach security protocols in a company.


While some employees may deliberately give out sensitive company information to criminals, a good number are vulnerable, they also have inadequate security training making them an easy target by criminals.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Many businesses if not all, are required to comply with government and local laws on conducting regular security assessments.


Complying with legal and regulatory requirements can save your business from endless costly legal battles.


Conclusion- Your Business Success Heavily Relies on Professionally Conducted Risk Assessments

Business success is dependent on professional security risk assessment


Whether small or large, it's evident that security risk assessment is critical for any business, The consequences of overlooking security risk assessments are dire. 


Failure to implement adequate risk assessment puts the lives of employees, partners, investors and the security of business assets at risk.


Through the help of expert security risk assessors such as SGA, businesses can identify security loopholes, analyze them and implement effective countermeasures.


This approach not only saves on long-term costs but also ensures regulatory compliance and enhances employee security awareness.