SGA security men at an event

Hiring a security company for your special event 

November, 2019


SGA’s special services unit provides event security services as overall security providers at any public or private event. The event security personnel map out security procedures that comprise of advance planning ahead of the client’s event in order to prepare for logistics before, during and after the event. This helps in the assessment of security vulnerabilities and guides the security personnel in plotting plans towards risk management in case of burglary, terrorist attacks, chaos, stampedes and any disorders that may hinder an event from running effectively.

The main work of the event security personnel is to ensure that the day’s activities flow efficiently. Depending on the nature of the event, the personnel are involved in crowd control management, gate-pass and access control, traffic control, parking enforcement, ushers, VIP security, cashiers and the overall security surveillance where they monitor guests’ behaviour.

With the advancement of technology, the event security crew also monitors all activities from a control booth through video surveillance and constant communication with the rest of the crew manning the grounds through transmitter radios.

For instance, a renowned local or international artist set to perform for a large crowd will require mapped out logistics ahead of the big event. The event security personnel will carry out a reconnaissance in advance to map out gate passes and potential ‘black spots’ in order to prevent any commotion likely to interrupt the event.

Also in stadiums for instance, many cases have been reported of soccer fans suffering injuries due to stampedes or fracas. The event security persons prevent such incidents and accidents from happening by ensuring strict crowd control management is adhered to right from the access entrance where everyone going to the watch a match is taken through a thorough security check. This rids of any harmful devices before entering the event grounds. Walk-through metal detectors and guard dog security are some of the strict security measures positioned to ensure safety of people and valuables at the event.

Regardless of the nature of the event, it is therefore important to consider various factors when hiring a security company to provide safety measures at the occasion.

  • Consider your security needs based on whether the event is small or big in nature
  • Go for a security company that offers a wide range of services- guard dogs, cash-in-transit, VIP protection, video surveillance, walk-through metal detectors
  • Check for security company’s qualifications and license
  • Adequate and well-rounded security personnel – guards, control room experts, dog patrol handlers
  • Have a clear event schedule that will help the security personnel manage the event in advance. This includes the guests list,  VIP pick-up and drop-off points, event’s time and location