SGA staff members holding mugs

Friday,7th October 2022




  • Organizations across the world marked Customer Service Week to recognize and appreciate the important role that Customers and Customer Service Personnel play in having successful businesses. Companies went all out to celebrate their customers and own staff in customer service, who are at the frontline engaging customers with the organisation’s goods and services.  


  • SGA Group Chairman & CEO Jules Delahaije celebrated the company’s foremost service providers - the security guards. They were hosted to a breakfast, where the CEO expressed his gratitude for the great work done by the guards every day to ensure that the needs of customers are met and that customers are satisfied.


  • “As we mark customer service week, I celebrate you because your excellent customer service and dedication over the years has made SGA the best, and most reliable security firm in the East African region. I want to assure you that as SGA, we will continue to ensure you are happy and satisfied through safe and healthy working conditions and support you in whichever way we can”


  • With this year’s theme being ‘Celebrating Service’, the guards also reaffirmed their dedication to service excellence. The guards thanked the CEO for the support the organization has given them, especially during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic period. The guards also lauded the open communication that exists in the organization, and asked the management to have more forums with the management.


  • SGA remains committed to supporting sustainable safety and security for its customers and the community by providing the best security solutions. SGA also prides in fostering a performance driven environment which awards achievement and offers each employee an opportunity for personal development and growth.