How Trained Security Dogs and Dog Handlers Are Revolutionizing Security Measures in Kenya

In an era where security threats loom large, man's fiercest and longest-serving best friend, security dogs and their equally trained vigilant handlers are providing an alternative, safer means of protecting homes, people and businesses.


From crowd controls, and deterring intruders, to protecting key government facilities from potential terrorism attacks, we can all agree that trained security dogs and security dog handlers have elevated the country’s safety and overall security to unprecedented heights.


This blog highlights comprehensive research on how security dogs and security dog handlers are revolutionising security measures in Kenya and why companies and businesses alike should quickly adopt this modern security approach.


How Security Dog Handlers Train And Select Security Dogs

Two ferocious SGA security dogs


Meticulous, and rigorous is how we can describe the selection and training of security dogs.


Because of their great strength, loyalty, intelligence, and obedience, breeds such as German Shepherds,  Labrador, Golden Retrievers, and Rottweilers are often preferred for security training in Kenya and around the world.


These dogs are often trained at an early age, training that focuses on obedience, socialisation and basic commands such as sit down, come here, etc.


As the dog matures, trained dog handlers conduct specialised and sophisticated training on sharpening certain skills to enhance its overall abilities.


Contrary to common belief, a dog's suitability for training is not determined by its temper or aggression levels.


A balance of confidence, intelligence, socialisation, obedience and adaptability separates an ideal security dog from a temperamental one.

Roles of Security Dog Handlers

SGA officer handling a security dog


Security dog handlers are professional security experts in handling and training security dogs.

They extensively train these dogs while forming a unique bond of understanding, obedience and focus.

Building Trust and Rapport

Security dog handlers often spend a significant amount of time building a strong relationship with the dog.


A bond built on trust and rapport fosters effective communication, especially during security operations.

Asserting Leadership and Control

Security dog handlers part of training and overall success depends on whether they can effectively assert leadership and control over the dog without being aggressive.


This ability enables the handlers to lead and command the dog during high-stressed operations while keeping it safe.

Tactical Decision-Making

Experienced security dog handlers should have the ability to make quick, informed decisions based on the dog’s behaviours and the situation at hand. This ability is key in effectively dealing with security threats.

Roles of Trained Security Dogs

Security dog at work sniffing

Curb Theft

The primary role of a security dog is to deter criminal activities such as theft. Their strong sense of smell and hearing helps them respond swiftly to any suspicious criminal activities at times under the close watch of security dog handlers.

Narcotics Screening Dogs

Kenya has been at the forefront of the fight against drug trafficking. The use of security dogs has been a key factor contributing to significant success in the fight against various threats.


Security dog handlers guide the dogs in screening and detecting hidden illegal substances such as cocaine, bang, etc.


With the guidance of security dog handlers, these dogs can unearth illegal drugs hidden in luggage, cargo, or vehicles, assist law enforcement agencies in apprehending drug traffickers and dismantling drug networks.


Explosives Screening

The use of security dogs has often proven effective in the fight against terrorist attacks in Kenya and many countries globally. 


In a bid to secure and prevent terrorism attacks in public places, transportation hubs, and critical infrastructures, security dog handlers train the dogs to identify explosive materials in a bid to curb an imminent attack.

Crowd Control

Controlling a large gathering can be challenging especially when you're dealing with a large unruly number of people.


The use of well-trained security dogs guided by security dog handlers can help control and disperse rowdy crowds preventing security breaches and possible violence.

Importance of Security Dogs

K9 dog and his handler

Maintaining Public Safety

Unmanned public places can have all manner of illegal substances or even explosives. 


Security dog handlers use the dog's excellent sense of smell and detection abilities to effectively screen the area hence keeping members of the public safe.

Swift Detection Abilities

Did you know that a security dog can detect or locate potential security threats more than traditional and most modern methods?


That’s right, a dog’s sense of smell and tracking abilities make them valuable assets in quickly locating contraband items, explosives, or missing individuals.

Enhanced Deterrence

We can all agree that the presence of a fierce security dog oftentimes prevents us from accessing certain premises until a security dog handler or owner intervenes.


This same scenario applies to intruders, the dog's presence alone will dissuade any attempt by criminals to intrude or commit a crime.


High Versatility

Imagine one dog being able to conduct security patrols, screen narcotics, explosives, and control crowds.


The versatility and adaptability of security dogs in combating security threats have made it easier, cheaper, and faster to deter crime.

Conclusion-How Trained Security Dog Handlers Have Helped Deter Criminal Activities in Kenya

SGA security dog posing with handler


The strong bond and impeccable coordination between security dogs and their handlers have transformed security measures across Kenya. Safeguarding communities and the country’s critical infrastructures.


With their expertise and exceptional training abilities, security dog handlers can bring the best out of these dogs, realising their strong sense of smell, intuitive nature, and obedience.


To safeguard your assets, control unruly crowds and maintain a high level of security at events or functions, it is important to hire a reputable security company such as SGA that offers various K9 security dog services.