Installing security systems in Kenya during building and construction

Installing security systems in Kenya during building and construction


The real estate sector in the East African market has experienced a boom over the past 20 years. From residential homes, commercial to industrial buildings, the thriving sector have the rise in town houses, rental apartments, shopping malls, learning institutions and towering office blocks that target various consumers depending on their specifications. How can the architects, structural engineers and realtors utilize security systems to ensure their properties are safe and secure? Working hand in hand with security solutions integrators such as SGA Security ensures that a client’s property is factored in the architectural design of the premise. Lets look at Installing security systems in Kenya during building and construction.

While manual supervision of the construction work is vital, installation of security systems in Kenya such as CCTV cameras enhances supervision of the workers in real-time as well as avoid theft and vandalism of construction materials.

Before, during and after the commencement of a building and construction project, it is therefore important to consider several security management factors when installing security systems in Kenya for any site:

  • Type of building

Different types of buildings require different types of security system requirements. Security systems for a shopping mall will for instance, differ from those installed for a residential property such as home security systems. The property owners should understand the different types of security systems in the market and their different roles so that during commencement of a construction project, the choice of security systems will vary with the type of structure being put up. 

  • Pre-wiring

Security systems such as burglar alarm system in your home for instance, can be pre-wired and a provision of connecting to a security integrator’s monitoring software being made possible. These alarms can be installed at the same time when electricians are fixing electric wires. These cables are better off if they are installed as construction goes on to avoid drilling holes into walls once construction is complete that might leave cracks on the walls prompting one to start repairs in a new building.

  • Type of equipment

Depending on the design of networks for the specific building, the dynamics of installation differ with the components of security plans such as access control, video surveillance, optical fiber connection or any other network communication.  Electric fencing for instance, require insulators from protection from rain and an alarm system that is monitored by the security provider on a 24-hour basis to deter any intrusion.

  • Future upgrades

With the advancing technology, it is important to keep in touch with your professional security provider to assist in the upgrade of the security systems. CCTV cameras are remotely monitored unlike in the past when one had to review the video clip only from a DVR. A home or business owner can also be alerted on their internet-enabled device of an intrusion from a connected alarm system. Looking into the future, the security provider advises for gradual upgrades of security system installations.

To understand your needs better before putting up your dream home or commercial premise, visit a professional security solutions provider such as SGA Security to guide you on the best security installations that could work better before, during or after putting up any structure.

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