SGA staff member writing

Tips on effectively working from home during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, most organisations have become accustomed to an ad hoc structured approach to ensure Business Continuity Plans and taking into account the government directives to maintain social distancing and work-from-home.

Depending on the nature of business, it has not been easy for many to make necessary adjustments working from home, which is a first to many people. It has become critical to balance between meeting job expectations while taking care of oneself and those around us at home.  

How do we make our work-from-home life manageable?

  • Create a comfortable home office. Get a designated quiet space away from distractions. Your home office should be neat and good for online meetings and making work calls. Invest in high-speed internet connectivity and if possible quality headphones that keep out background noises such as television, or family member’s activities within or near the home.  A conducive environment contributes to achieving your desired results.


  • Stick to your normal daily work routine. Apart from the previous commute to work routine, adapt the 8a.m to 5p.m or 9a.m to 6p.m. schedule. Wake up, exercise and stay well-groomed and comfortable, as you would like to stay on a typical day. This will help you in managing your time and be productive. Take regular health breaks in between work to refresh your mind and body, and take your meals.


  • Avoid overcompensating work. Unless when necessary, working from home may lead you to fall into a pattern of working long hours unknowingly. As a result, you end up having irregular sleep patterns that may also reduce your productivity during the day.


  • Set ground rules. Your family members may be wondering why you are staying home and not engaging with them at a particular time. Set time limits and make them understand your fixed work schedule that requires your focus without disturbance. During this period, the children around you will also be greatly influenced by observing your hard work, organized schedule and attitude towards work for their future career choices.


  • After work health breaks. After completing your work schedule, take time to exercise and engage in activities such as taking a walk, indoor activities, watering the plants and bonding with family members. This helps you relax and improve your mental, emotional and physical health because working long hours is not advisable.

Working from home may have added responsibilities that come with flexibility, but maintaining self-discipline, sticking to a daily work plan and focusing on the goals are major attributes to exceeding set targets.