SGA provides physical security services in combination with technology based on specific client requirements. The group’s foundation in the field of intelligence gathering is always evident in the way recruitment as well as training and management of staff is conducted. The SGA approach embraces people, procedures, intelligence and technology to achieve real value and peace of mind while effectively offering a package of tailor made security solutions. Based on the needs of our clients, SGA offers the latest technology and supporting tools such as digital cameras, guarding monitoring systems, fixed and remote alarm response, sensor lights in combination with Control Room services. In Tanzania and Uganda, SGA offers its own armed guarding services while in Kenya SGA can provide contracted armed guarding services in cooperation with Police.

SGA guarding services expand from airports to malls, commercial to residential buildings, manned guarding to canine security patrols. All personnel are specifically trained to match client’s exact requirements at the SGA training school where the training curriculums ensure that security officers have the skills and confidence to fully comply with contracted service requirements.

SGA provides:

  • Day & Night Guards 
  • Mobile patrols 
  • Diplomatic protection 
  • Guard alert patrol systems 
  • None core implant staff


SGA Security personnel in lineup
SGA security personnel posing for photo