technical services

SGA Security has consistently continued to drive the highest possible industry standards setting benchmarks for excellence, while evolving to meet the changing needs of customers.

SGA Security is dedicated to assist in the protection of people and property by providing quality innovative products and solutions. SGA Security recommends and installs high end electronic security systems to assure safety and security for client’s homes or business premises.

Strategic relationships with local and international research and manufacturing companies are important to SGA Security to provide products that meet the specific needs of each customer. SGA Security technical team is well trained to install and maintain electronic security equipment, CCTV, access control and all are monitored at the 24-hour Control Room.

SGA Security technical services include:

  • Electronic security equipment distribution
  • System installation and maintenance 
  • Access Control (face or fingerprint recognition, access cards, digital zoning)
  • CCTV and video monitoring 
  • Tracking and Telematics 
  • Fire detection and suppression 
  • Perimeter protection & electric fencing
  • Security assessment
  • Dedicated Control Room systems and software


Man installing cctv camera
Man handling security system